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RankMySite – Your SEO Tool. High rankings for your site.2021-05-24T13:31:49+00:00

Test your website in SEO and push your site on Google rankings!

Compliance with search engine guidelines is an important factor in the success of your website. Our SEO tools analyze all relevant criteria and gives you tips for optimizing your website for success with search engines!

Website SEO

Free SEO Analysis

Check any website with our tool, to find technical issues and problems on the Onpage-optimization. Solve those issues to boost your SEO.

Find out your SEO score for your page in terms of Meta settings, content quality, site structure, linkings, server configuration and external factors.

In order to achieve noticeable results quickly, our prioritized to-do list shows you where to start with your SEO optimization.

Meta information

To ensure that search engines interpret the content of your website correctly, you should describe your content in more detail using meta information.

Our tool looks up for errors and problems in the meta information of your website like:

  • Meta tags that prevent indexing

  • missing canonical links

  • linguistic errors

  • domain name and URL issues
  • Meta Titles and descriptions, if they are too long/short

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Site & content quality

High-quality content is one of the most important ranking factors. To help search engines to process and rank your content after relevant search terms, keep in mind to avoid:

  • too little text on your page

  • duplicate content

  • deprecated code

  • missing mobile optimization

  • annoying ads that make your visitor close your site

Structure and linkings

Clear linkings on your site to ensure better indexing and crawlability.

With our SEO tool you can find problems on your site like:

  • H1 headings, that are too long/short

  • wrong order of headings and empty heading tags

  • internal links with dynamic parameters

  • doubled links

  • unnatural amount of internal or external links

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Server configuration

A good technical setup is the base of a good ranking. Search engines can search your website quickly and easily thanks to an error-free server configuration and a powerful technical setup.

Our special SEO check checks your website for server errors and other technical problems, such as:.

  • wrong configured Redirect between www and not-www subdomains

  • errors in HTTP headers

  • long server response times

  • high amount on CSS and JavaScript files

  • too large HTML files

External factors

Search engine optimization includes also OFF-page factors. For long-term SEO success, it is also necessary to monitor external factors that can influence your rankings.

With the SEO check you can find out how good your website is:

  • Blacklists: Is your website on a blacklist?

  • Backlinks: Backlinks give a signal to search engines, that your content is being recommended by other sites. Do you have enough backlinks from different sources? Find it out!

  • Social media: Is your website popular in social media?

External factors

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our SEO Check

What is a SEO score?2021-05-09T09:27:02+00:00

The SEO score of your website expresses how well it meets the quality guidelines of search engines like Google and Bing. The better your score, the better the chance to get higher ranking positions. A lower score means you have to optimize your website. Our tool shows this score.

What criteria will be checked?2021-05-09T09:25:02+00:00

The RankMySite SEO audit checks, if your website has the necessary quality that is needed for search engines to rank your site well. Many factors, including meta information, site quality, structure, linkings, server configuration and external factors like backlinks will be checked.

How does a SEO check work?2021-05-09T09:23:33+00:00

Our SEO check crawls your website, similar as search engines like Google. Your website will be checked on 200+ criteria like meta-information, content quality, structure and more. Based on this SEO score, you will receive a list of things to improve on your website!

What is a SEO Check?2021-05-09T09:22:10+00:00

The RankMySite SEO Check is a tool, that finds technical issues, errors and problems on your website. It checks a variety of components on your website and gives you a list what to optimize.

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